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Caiman Tail

Western apparel made with caiman belly is some of the toughest, most durable products on the market. Caimans are a type of alligator that live in Mexico and South America that are known for their thick, tough skin. Their bellies feature flatter, smoother scales so that, when used to design cowboy boots or belts, they create a very sleek finish. Check out our collection of cowboy boots made with genuine caiman belly leather below. Many of our boots are made in Mexico, where craftsmen are very familiar with caiman leather.

If you have any questions about our caiman belly cowboy boots or belts, please reach out to our bi-lingual team at 1-800-966-7436. They can answer any of your questions as well as help you find the best product based on your specific needs. Reach out to the Vaquero Boots team today to get the stylish caiman belly apparel that’s perfect for you!

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