Cuadra! Why we LOVE it and why YOU WILL TOO!

Thank you for visiting!  We are very excited to publish our first, hopefully of many, blog post! When we began to think of the perfect introduction post so many ideas came to mind. Introduction to VaqueroBoots: Meet the team, Introduction to our brands, a brief overview of everything we offer, Item of the month and many more! While I hope to eventually get to all those topics it made the most sense to us to start off with the one thing that gets us the most excited; Cuadra Handcrafted Boots! Now, while we love every single brand that we work with, and plan to blog about what makes each of them an exceptional product, we had to give credit where credit is due, y lo que sea de cada quien, esta bota es una maravilla!

 Coming out of Leon, Guanajuato Mexico in the early 90’s the Cuadra brand has established itself to be one of the best boot brands out there competing right along other top brands. Handcrafted, with some help of the highest technology out there to ensure durability, and made from the finest of materials, no two Cuadras are ever the same. Every stitch, stroke and nail are carefully thought out down to the natural marks on the exotic leathers for one great looking and comfortable boot.


With over 5 different boot shapes ranging from the traditional semi round toe to the more fashion forward snip and Versace toes, several exotic leathers and a variety of colors, one is sure to find the perfect pair and then some! So, what does Cuadra offer? Well, you have:

Versace/European Toe Square ToeChihuahua/Pointed ToeRoper ToeSemi-Oval/R-Toe and Snip Toe:

 All of which can be found in any of these genuine exotic leathers: Ostrich, Ostrich Leg, Caiman, Lizard, Stingray, Deer, Eel and more! As if that wasn’t enough to make narrowing down the decision to just one pair hard, Cuadra offers a great variety of colors, from; hueso, orix, baby blue, black cherry, flama gris and Everest chocolate.

 Now, with the information provided above, some of you may still not be convinced, hear me out. Set at a very reasonable price point, in comparison to other top brands of the same caliber and without ever compromising the integrity of their product, Cuadra provides exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs and an unmatched comfort. We are very proud to work with the Cuadra brand and we look forward into making you just a big a fan as we are. 


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